For over 120 years, we have been committed to helping clients invest and preserve money wisely


Clearing services are provided by Raymond James & Associates, founded in 1962.  We utilize their top rated research as a part of our efforts to be well informed in our decisions when it comes to investing. We are dedicated to providing clients with sound, well researched investment advice alongside a comprehensive range of investment services.


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While the firm itself may have traditional origins, we rely on modern technologies to efficiently manage our clients’ assets.

Arthur W. Wood Company, Inc. is a full-service securities broker-dealer and investment management firm, well positioned to help investors make the right decisions about how to invest in today's complex global financial markets. We are firmly committed to providing clients with sound investment advice and offering a comprehensive range of investment services.

Since its inception, the firm has focused on providing personal customer service for clients' desire of traditional, quality investment related advice and services.  Our client base consists of retail, institutional and ultra-high net worth individuals. Arthur Wood has operated continuously since 1899, a testament to our ability to meet client needs.