Investment Advisory

The Arthur Wood Advisory Program is a discretionary portfolio advisory service.  We have several options to accommodate investors. Arthur Wood offers you the flexibility and control of your investments by constructing a portfolio tailored to your particular objectives, risk tolerance and time horizon.

It takes time and expertise to maintain and build wealth. We provide a framework in which investors pursue their investment goals with an experienced, qualified, professional investment manager. We draw upon over a century of experience helping investors achieve the investment performance they seek while maintaining discipline and an acceptable level of risk. 

Investors want to grow and preserve financial assets. Today, investors have a never ending choice of investments, some exotic or uncharted. In an era of consolidation and centralizing of services, individual needs are often relegated to pooled investment funds.

The Arthur Wood investment management program brings a disciplined, individualized approach to managing your investment portfolio and overall wealth.

Our approach is to manage the individual account for our client. Often accounts come with individual holdings and tax ramifications that requires more personalized service. Instead of starting from scratch, we work with existing account positions and discuss changes. In our opinion, an investment management approach that reflects your life goals can only be addressed through individual account considerations. Your account is unique and handled according to your investment goals.

We invite you to explore this program and see how it may fit your needs.

All client accounts are carried and held by our clearing agent, Raymond James & Associates. They are protected with excess SIPC insurance for the total net equity value of securities held in the account. Additional information on this excess insurance is available upon request.