Investment Banking

Arthur W. Wood Company, Inc. dba The New England Company (NEC) is the investment boutique arm of the firm designed to meet the varied needs of institutional, corporate,f amily office and individual clients in today‚Äôs highly volatile capital markets.

Our firm offers a unique opportunity for its clients. Members of the management team have decades of experience with financial advisory services, including the structuring of capital transactions. NEC bankers focus their activities on private companies and companies who would be characterized as Small and Micro-Cap public companies. We believe there are significant opportunities within these companies to provide individual and institutional investors an opportunity to participate in the growth, development and creation of value.

Our primary objective for these companies is to provide the highest quality investment banking services to this underserved community of small, private companies. We have done so quite effectively within many different industry sectors.

NEC's professionals are considered to be creative and forward thinking bankers who have extensive experience at completing successful transactions.

For those investors with a preference for independent investment management of their capital, we provide our institutional and family office relationships introductions to a select group of investment management professionals that we deem to offer an attractive value proposition throught their differentiated approach to investing.

Please contact Donald McCarthy for further information.